These testimonials are from real people and are all true – As told in their own words and willingness!

Thank you for your “Heart Drops”. After my angioplasty I was put on aspirin, Tuosemide, Vasotec and Pravacol. A year later I had congestive heart failure. I started the heart drops and with my doctor monitoring me I was able to cut my medications in half and finally stop them. I am doing very well with no chest pains.
– E.R. Crawford

In 1993 I experienced my last of 3 heart attacks. The angiogram showed 4 blocked arteries. One at 100%. Since I started the heart drops I am off all heart medication and aspirin. I can dance and jive all night. My angina has totally gone and my complexion is a healthy good color. Two years later I can say I would not be alive today if it were not for the heart drops!
– Garry McIsaac

In May of 1990 I suffered a heart attack, caused by a 2 ½ inch blockage of the left coronary artery, as depicted in my angiogram of June 22, 1990. I began taking the Strauss Heart Drops in December of 1995, and after 6 weeks the angina diminished and I was pain free until May of 1996. At this time I experienced angina and went back to my Doctor and had the second angiogram, dated June 15, 1996, which, showed that the blocked artery had cleared up and only a ½ inch, remained blocked. The Doctor told me that my heart was receiving more blood and the angina I had recently experienced was due to arterial spasm and re-infusion of blood to the heart muscle. In other words the heart was beginning to work again. The Doctor told me that this was almost unheard of! I continued taking the formula and in March of 1997 I had no blockage left!
– M. M.

At the beginning of this year I found out about the Heart Drops from a friend of mine who is being helped by them. A few weeks after starting them my blood pressure came down to normal, as did my cholesterol. My chest pains have left and I have cut both my medications in half.
– Henry Miller

The Strauss Heart Drops have changed my life around. I can now climb stairs without difficulty, my blood pressure is normal and my psoriasis never helped before, is much improved so I can wear decent shoes now and my feet are not sore or bleeding.
– Jean Schafhauser

Since I have been taking your heart drops I’ve been feeling much better. I can walk without pains in my chest. I am 85 years old and I’m going to take them as long as I can. Please send me a double supply C.O.D.
– Selma Schimke

I began taking the heart drops in Aug’98. My life is now totally changed around. I no longer need my nitro spray, I can walk without a cane and I have gradually stopped taking all heart medications which I took 3 times a day. The most miraculous of all though, is I no longer have cataracts. Another eye disease was taking my eyesight – arteriosclerosis behind my eyes has cleared up so that my optometrist said I no longer need glasses for driving or walking. This disease was inoperable and causing me to go blind. The drops have given me at least another 10 years of life. What a gift!
– Esther Larson

I was diagnosed as a Type II Diabetic which caused my myocardial infarction. I was put on heart, cholesterol and diabetic pills which in turn caused blood crystals to act on my arthritis so I could hardly go to work. Less than a week after starting the heart drops the arthritic muscle and joint pains are completely gone. Plus I feel a 1000% better!
– Dennis Mihalicz

The Heart Drops are miracle herbs and heal in an outstanding way. I’m 72 and three years ago I had a small stroke. After 3 months of taking the heart drops I feel quite well and have no trouble working around the house, lawn , garden and cutting wood. One of my friends who also had a stroke can now walk better because of the drops. Please keep up the good work.
– Joseph Chabot

I am a diabetic whose right leg was amputated below the knee. My left leg was numb below the knee before taking the heart drops. Now, the circulation is back and I am feeling better. I can also sleep and wake up not tired, I feel GOOD!
– Ken Graham

My angiogram showed seven blood vessels partially blocked. I could walk only for one to two blocks when the chest pains started. I started the heart drops and tea and now a few months later the chest pains have diminished completely and I can walk 2-3 miles per day. Thanks a million!
– Pat Ayers

I am in my early fifties and thanks to the Strauss Heart Drops, I am alive today! I had my second by-pass surgery and I was given a maximum five years to live. Now I have no more angina pain and I’ve returned to work.
– George Scholl

I have always been a very warm person and perspired badly with each job I did. Since taking the Strauss Heart Drops my body temperature has dropped to normal and I don’t perspire like I did. After 3 days of taking the drops I noticed a difference. Thank you.
– Darral Reykjalin

My Mom has seen a great improvement in her health. She is leading an active daily life at 84 years old. Recently, I visited her and found her out digging her potatoes and carrots and going up and down steep stairs throughout the day. Mom would not be here today if it were not for the Strauss Heart Drops!
– Maxine Furlani

For years my ankle caused me pain during cold weather due to an earlier high school accident. Previously I experienced frost bitten fingers so that in the cold weather they would become sore and discolored. Since starting the Strauss heart Drops my ankle and fingers do not bother me in cold weather.
– Lloyd Gieselman

I have not had the problem of irregular heartbeat, after being on the heart drops for approximately four months. I thank you with all my heart.
– Cynthia Lanyon

My Father had a clogged aorta of 5 cm. He started taking the heart drops and 5 weeks later had an angiogram where the Doctors found his aorta was now only 4.3 cm. He credits this improvement to the heart drops.
– Lesa Fisher

One day my son brought me a bottle of heart drops and said I have nothing to lose. Since then I don’t rub my arms and my heavy breathing has stopped. I am more energetic and my bald spot is growing a fuzz patch. My son was right, I had nothing to lose and gained back my health and I feel good.
– Henry Chretien

The heart drops have taken away one of the worst toothaches I have ever had. Within 15 minutes there was No ache and it never came back.
– Larry McCulloch

Two months after taking the heart drops the blood vessels in my eye have healed themselves. My celiac has also settled down and the pain in my shoulders has disappeared. I have recommended the heart drops to a lot of people. Thank you!
– Don Derryman

My Doctor told me there was no cure for the molecular degeneration in my eye. In less than four month of taking the Strauss Heart Drops my eye is cured and I am able to work. To “magic” Strauss Heart Drops: Thanks a Million!
– Victor Lamrella