Traditional and regular use indicate that the drops may help with the following areas…

  • Heart problems disappear with this 100% Natural Herbal Heart Medicine!
  • Patients hooked up to oxygen are no longer gasping for air.
  • Angina pain disappears, nitro no longer needed.
  • Swollen and enlarged hearts shrink.
  • Safely unclog your arteries and avoid bypass surgery.
  • After bypass surgery, acts as preventative for further clogging of arteries.
  • The drops do not interfere with any prescription drugs or food.

Q. How did the Strauss drops originate?

A. Jim and Peter Strauss, both Master Herbalists developed the heart drops. Jim learned about herbs from his family as a young child in Austria. He is the 7th generation of a long line of medicine men. Living now in B.C., his family continue to produce a fine selection of herbal formulas which are benefiting people all over Canada. His formulas are unique-not duplicated in any form in any store or company. In 1980 Jim suffered his one and only heart attack. Told by the doctors he needed surgery or die he was confident he could make his own cure which he did. It took a matter of weeks to combine different herbs that make up the Strauss heart Drops. Through his special method of tasting he determined the combination that would clean out his blocked artery. Since that time he has led a very busy and productive life.

Q. What are the benefits of taking Strauss Heart Drops?

A. When circulation is interrupted because of arterial blockages, disease happens. According to the many testimonials from satisfied people who are using the Strauss heart Drops they have this to say: “angina pain stops or reduces, numbness in fingers and arms is gone, feet and hands warm up, helps insomnia, canes are retired, eyesight improves, new hair color and growth, better complexion, memory improvement, more energy, leg pain diminishes, nitro no longer needed, improved hearing, aneurysm diminishes, immune system booster, arteries unplugged, blood pressure lowers, off heart medication, stroke effects diminished, helps toothache, varicose veins diminish in size, psoriasis gone, diabetic’s circulation improves, cholesterol lowers.”

Q. What ingredients that make up the drops?

A. Aged garlic oil, cayenne, bilberry, hawthorne berries and hawthorne leaves, motherwort, and a little bit of fruit alcohol.

Q. How important is diet when taking the drops?

A. The Strauss Heart Drops will work whether diet is changed or not, but a healthy life style is always encouraged.

Q. What about angina pain?

A. Though everyone’s body is different from people’s testimonials they acknowledge that their angina pain stops in a few days. Sometimes it may take up to a few months, but this happens rarely.

Q. Can the Strauss Heart Drops cure heart disease?

A. When arteries plug up, a part of the heart dies. When an artery comes clean the heart can function again. Leaking valves are also corrected by clearing out the arteries. Testimonials from people say they are cured.

Q. Are there any side effects when taking the drops?

A. There are no side effects.

Q. How long will it take to clear the arteries?

A. This depends on the extent of blockage. Evidence from angiograms indicate a few weeks to a year.

Q. What if I’ve already had a by-pass?

A. Taking the Strauss Heart Drops is just as important because the joins will cause the new arteries to plug up much faster. Taking the heart drops on a maintenance level may help this from re-occurring.

Q. How to the Strauss Heart Drops compare with Chelation?

A. The drops are herbal while chelation used EDTA, a synthetic amino acid. Heavy vitamin supplementation is needed with EDTA due to excessive loss. The heart drops are natural and safe.