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Taurus Natural Enhancement

A Natural Alternative To VIAGRA And Other Hormonal Remedies!
Slow the aging process, and work miracles on the libido! Original, All-Natural relationship enhancer! At the same time, helps with Prostate, Menopause, and other age related health problems associated with loss of hormones. Works for both men and women with two formulations: Male Virility Liquid Extract and Female Intimacy Liquid Extract.

Besides a proven track record (22 years) our manufacturer has the prestigious honor of being the first herbal manufacturer in Western Canada to be certified as totally "organic". This means that the herbs that are used are grown without pesticides and the formulas us NO chemical additives.

The majority of the herbs are "wild-crafted" in the Pacific Northwest. This means they grow naturally and are harvested in their natural growing habitat. The Northwest, especially British Columbia, is known worlds wide for it's healthy Rocky Mountain environment - Fresh mountain air, crystal-clear lakes and streams, and lush greenery - a perfect setting for the best herbs on the planet!

We are also extremely proud of our products formulated by one of North America's foremost herbalists. Greg, with over 20 years experience, has a natural talent for finding the best quality, best blends and most effective means of delivery to the body - LIQUIDS! He takes pride in the ability to find and offer organic herbs for the best results.

Family-oriented and environment conscious, Greg is concerned with the health of the next generation. The ingredients for increasing libido, performance, and pleasure have been used for centuries; Greg has enhanced the formula that has been shown by his own balanced and synergetic product. We are fortunate to have this formula to offer to our customers for their increased quality of health, and enjoyment.

Available in formulas for both men and women,
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