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Strauss Heart Drops
A unique herbal formula for advanced heart support!
  • Have you been told nothing will clean out blocked arteries?
  • Are you experiencing loss of sight because of arteriosclerosis?
  • Do you have elevated cholesterol or high blood pressure?
  • Do you want to avoid heart attacks or strokes?
  • Do you want to avoid bypass surgery or angioplasty?
  • Are you experiencing painful angina?

  • Strauss Heart Drops is a unique herbal formula which, when used consistently over time, may help to prevent the blocking of the arteries. Angiograms taken before and after the Strauss Heart Drops help to prove the effectiveness of this formula. Peoples testimonials testify to the formula's effectiveness.

  • Heart problems disappear with this 100% Natural Herbal Heart Medicine!
  • Patients hooked up to oxygen are no longer gasping for air.
  • Angina pain disappears, nitro no longer needed.
  • Swollen and enlarged hearts shrink.
  • Safely unclog your arteries and avoid by-pass surgery.
  • After by-pass surgery, acts as preventative for further clogging of arteries.
  • The drops do not interfere with any prescription drugs or food.

    Available in 50ml and 100ml,
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